Turtle Timing

Host your competition results here.
For Free.

Searchable Results

Results are searchable by name, date, and participant. Placed into a secure database, results are available by search or by API (coming soon) for implementation in your own services.

Results and Application Cloud Hosted

We use cutting edge cloud technologies to bring your events and results to the modern web.

Mobile First

Responsive web applications with mobile-first development, we ensure all users can interact with your event as they have come to expect with current web techonlogies, and social networks.

Free Managed Hosting

Your results are hosted and archived on industry's top quality scalable cloud infrastructure. With high availability and daily backups, you can be sure your results are available no matter how large your event, all without having to maintain your own hosting hardware or subscriptions.


Contact Us

If you're intested in hosting with us, or have any questions, please contact us at info@turtletiming.com.

How is hosting Free?

By combining the hosting needs of many organizations, the costs per organization and event is kept low. We set out to leverage the rapidly growing competition in the cloud services sector for your benefit and the benefit of your users.

Don't you have to earn money somehow?

We are working very actively to implement additional services for an optional premium fee. Some examples being real-time event running and leader board status, API access and fully hosted event informational portals. Sign up to our mailing list to find out as soon as these services become available. Results hosting and user access to results will always be free.

Who are you and why offer this service?

We are active members of the athletic community who are passionate about increasing engagement in our sports, and saw an opportunity to bring that engagement through the use of technology. See our about page.