About Us

Turtle Timing as a way to improve our own passion.

Why Start Turtle Timing Results?

Turtle Timing was started as a hobby project by Trent Ratzlaff in order to help support local track meets and timing crews. Excited by the many advancements in web and mobile apps, Trent decided to integrate these developments into a more complete and user friendly results system. This became Turtle Timing in 2016.

Why Use Turtle Timing?

Turtle Timing was developed to create an intuitive mobile friendly interface to view results. Turtle Timing uses a cloud hosted database to store results, and modern web standards for real time digital scoreboard features.

Turtle Timing simplifies results hosting and infrastructure so professional timing crews and event organization staff can focus on daily operations. Together, with Turtle Timing, events can offer a better overall experience for athletes and spectators.

Who are we?

Trent Ratzlaff was a successful track and field athlete competing in the 400m hurdles. After finishing his running career and graduating from university in engineering, his passion for athletics kept him close to the track in the form of coaching. Over time the experience of electronic timing at track and field events left some to be desired, so he set out to fill those gaps in the current timing and results process with Turtle Timing.

Graham Seasons is a current student-athlete specializing in the 400m hurdles and pursuing a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alberta. Approached in 2016 to contribute to Turtle Timing, Graham has worked with Trent to start developing results and real time technologies for Turtle Timing.

Brennan Undseth is a current student-athlete, competing previously in track and field and presently in weightlifting, while pursuing a degree in engineering physics from the University of Alberta. Also joining Turtle Timing in 2016, Brennan contributes to Turtle Timing’s fundamental technologies.